At Munn's, we understand that your jewelry is special.  No matter where you bought it or how expensive it is, we treat every piece as if it were our own.  

For your convenience and peace of mind, we have in-house goldsmiths to do your repair work.   This allows us to control and monitor your jewelry throughout the process.  Our goldsmiths are highly experienced and have gone through extensive training.

Never put off repair, because even the slightest problem to a setting could mean the loss of a precious stone.   For example, the diamond or gemstone in your ring mounting is harder than the host metal that makes up the prong(s).  If the stone is loose, it will etch away at the prong metal each time it is bumped.   Over time the prong will become more and more compromised and eventually break off or become unable to hold the stone.   This is why it is important to have your stones, especially small sidestones, checked carefully under a microscope.  Detecting slight movement early is key to keeping a mounting safe and wearable for the long term.  

Did you know:

     Pearls should be restrung every five years?

     Mechanical watch movements should be cleaned every 5-7 years?

     Many of the textures and brushed finishes on rings and wedding bands can be easily reapplied?

     Most jewelry stores do not replace watch lid gaskets when changing watch batteries?

     Colored gemstone jewelry should not be immersed in commercial ultra-sonic cleaners?

     Gold and silver jewelry should not be worn in swimming pools and hot tubs?

     Even the smallest of cracks in a watch crystal can allow moisture into the case and ruin the watch movement?

     Earring backs, including screw backs, will become loose due to wear and should be replaced?

     At any time, you may bring your jewelry and watches into our store for a free check-up inspection and cleaning?


We look forward to helping you with your jewelry service needs.